DIY Robot Fancy-Dress

Given that I have posted a few space-themed art and craft ideas and for home-made fancy-dress, I thought I’d also share this idea for robot outfits made from cardboard boxes.  I did them a few years ago when my guys were asked to dress up in a space-theme for a sponsored walk at their nursery.

As they were going to the park for a play date afterwards, I just had them in their normal clothes underneath.

As you can see from the picture, my youngest was less impressed… I can’t remember whether the grumpiness was about the outfit, or having to pose for a photo. Whilst I have some other photos where he seems happy enough, the sheer look on his face in this pic makes it a keeper ;). Especially when, a few years on he only seems to wear fancy dress and finds this picture as funny as I do. He still hates having his photo taken though…

Robot 2

For each outfit I used two pieces of thick card (from a cardboard box) to make a tabard (with brown parcel tape to give a bit of flexibility at the shoulders), then covered it with tin foil.  I also added string to the sides for my eldest as I know he’d want to run around in his.

After covering the tabards in silver foil, I stuck some coloured paper and stickers on the front to look like buttons and just put a small note on the back saying ‘BOT 1’ / ‘BOT 2’, and each of their ‘production dates’ (date of births).

I had an old panettone box which I used for their heads.  I cut a neck space into each, then tied it closed around their necks with string.  The deely-boppers were foil food picks that I had kicking around.

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