The ‘Bobbing for Worms’ Game

‘Bobbing for apples’ with young kids has never appealed to my inner ‘health and safety nut’ … But this could be a worthy alternative. It’s pretty much a case of ‘what it says on the tin’… An ‘ick’ game that my boys will probably both love and hate in equal measure, but ups the ante for older kids at Halloween.

Having done the ‘Dangling Doughnuts’ game, I thought it’d be good to up the ante this year.  The plan is to cook the spaghetti and put it on plates with a touch of olive oil, so that it doesn’t congeal when cold

After it cools, I’m planning on adding the ‘jelly snakes’ into it, then putting it into big bowls.

Then, the challenge for the kids will be to try to pick the jelly snakes (‘worms’) out, only using their mouths.  I may try it blindfolded first and possibly do it as a timed challenge: ‘how many worms can you get in 1 minute?’ as my guys like the thrill of competition…