Mum of boys, lover of crafty creations and fun times.  Pondering perennial parenting questions and bringing the magic back to childhood.

I like the simple things in life and the appeal of a back-to-basics childhood – but am realistic enough to know that with two boys, computer games are inevitable. So I’m keen to optimise the sweet-spot (unencumbered by nappies or screens) to let the laughs flow and their imaginations grow.

As the reality is more hairy floppins than Mary Poppins, the tales I tell are as much about things going wrong, as opposed to going right (after all, that’s often where the fun lies). People may say that fools rush in where angels fear to tread, but I just call it being enthusiastic. Things rarely turn out as expected and my best-laid plans often unravel in unpredictable ways.

There are many trials, some tribulations and a lot of time spent wondering what I’m doing in the first place – which goes for parenting as much as the arts and crafts. Child development experts look like they have it all wrapped-up, but things are less clear in the real-world. My aspiration may be to give my kids both roots and wings, but my day-to-day reality is often spent just trying to get them to wash their hands.

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