The ‘Hunt the Skeleton’ Game

My kids asked me if they could do a treasure hunt, a bit like the one they did at Easter over Halloween.

We’d previously done the ‘Hunt the Halloween Letters’ game and I thought I’d do a different one this year as they’re a bit older now and would like a puzzle and chocolate to boot…

So this is what I came up with.  I drew the bones for a (very out of proportion!) skeleton on white card, named the pieces on the back and drew round them in pencil on a piece of black paper to tip them off on which bone goes where (but you could up the challenge by getting them to also work out how it goes together… harder than it looks when you have a pile of bones!).

On the back of each of the bones I’ve taped some Halloween-themed chocolates.  I was going to get them to build a skeleton each, but I’ve settled on doubling-up the chocolate on a single skeleton as there are quite a few bones to find/hide.  As I doubled-up the paper when I cut it out, I have another skeleton they can do with their friends if they want to do it in teams as a race.

When we do the game, I’ll stick the black paper to a door and the guys will have to hunt around the house for the bones, divvy-up the chocs stuck to the back, then stick them in the right place. Hopefully it’s something they’ll find fun and gives us a new decoration at the same time 😉


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