DIY Roald Dahl-Themed Party

As the 13th September was Roald Dahl’s birthday, the fab people at Roald Dahl HQ created a whole host of party and dressing-up ideas to celebrate the great man and raise money for his eponymous charity. If you’ve not seen the website, it’s definitely worth a look – it’s got brilliant ideas for teachers too.

…We did our own celebration, with the main event being the food:


… to be fair though, it was more ‘concept cooking’ (or ‘assembling’) than haute cusine.  Here’s what we served (and what the labels said):

  • “The Fleshlumpeater’s favourite snack” – an entire baguette made into a colossal ham sandwich, which was then cut into individual portions at the table
  • “Miss Honey’s favourite sandwiches” – normal sandwiches!
  • “Danny’s Dip of Champions” – humous
  • Labelled as: “Imported from Giant Country” – long, thin breadsticks
  • “From The BFG’s vegetable patch” – raw carrots, peppers, tomatoes, served BIG
  • “Snozzcumber (does not contain human beans)” – partially peeled, hollowed-out whole cucumber, with cream cheese inside (cut into portions at the table)
  • “The Enormous Crocodile’s toothpicks” – ‘French Stick’ crisps
  • “The BFG’s dream jar” – a Kilner jar, with mandarin pieces suspended in different coloured layers of jelly
  • “Wonker’s Chocolate (mixed by waterfall)” – chocolate fondue with strawberries, marshmallows and honeycomb for dipping
  • “Whizz-popping Frobscottle” – bottle of sparkling apple juice (relabelled!)

After lunch we had some party games, starting with the Quiz from the Roald Dahl Party Pack, along with ‘Hunt the Dream’, where the kids were told in letters from the BFG to help him hunt for the golden Phizzwizards (sweets wrapped in gold paper) around the house.

Then we played some home-made games, starting with Bingo, made using Gobblefunk words that I found online, boosted with some characters and other memorable phrases. The answers were all put in a mixed bowl, so the Bingo Caller could also play.

… one of the Bingo cards:

bingo card.jpg

Everyone then took turns to act out a character in Charades, which worked well (until my youngest refused point-blank to be Mrs Trunchbull!).  The following characters were written on individual pieces of paper and mixed up in a bowl for us to pick at random:

  • Mr Victor Hazel
  • Mr. Willy Wonker
  • Matilda
  • Mrs. Trunchbull
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox
  • The Enormous Crocodile
  • The BFG

It was pretty quick and easy to do and there seems to be loads of mileage in Roald Dahl’s books for different games and fancy dress.  In fact, I think I’ll find out when Lewis Caroll’s birthday was and perhaps do an Alice in Wonderland-themed one – although with two boys, I’ll have to call it “The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” to get any takers!!


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