Make your own Tissue Pompoms

These pompoms are completely pointless (in that after making them, I didn’t know what to do with them…), but are a lot of fun to make and pretty satisfying as they look so good when complete. The only problem was the colours we chose.  Rather than looking like flowers as intended, our wall looks like a display of shower puffs at Boots!

I’d had a hankering to make these for a while (not sure why, or where I got the idea from) and then happened to come across a good how-to video on OneLittleProject (which incidentally seems like a lovely site for other crafty-stuff).

We were also prompted by the need for something to brighten-up the wall once the kids’ Easter pictures had come down. Although they were quick and easy for adults to make, they were a bit fiddly for little fingers, so my 7-year-old was game, but my 5-year-old opted to watch.

pompom 4 v2.jpg

Make them as follows:

  1. Cut a stack of coloured tissue (10 sheets)
  2. Concertina-fold them along the longest-edge
  3. Tie in the middle (and add thread if you are going to hang them). I used ties from sandwich bags as the paper pops open quite easily
  4. Cut both ends into a curve-shape (this makes the ‘petals’ look more convincing)
  5. Tease the layers of tissue apart on each side

I haven’t tried mixing up the coloured layers, but reckon that could be a good effect too.

They’d probably also be best suspended from a ceiling, or hanging from trees at a party, but for the moment at least they’re on our wall!

pompoms finished v2.jpg

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