Make your own Paper Butterflies

These paper butterflies aren’t strictly origami as the paper is cut (stuck and tied), but I’m no purist 😉

I came across how to make them on RedTedArt and thought that they’d be a good replacement for the Easter eggs that we’d previously had hanging in our hall. They were quick and easy to make which meant they were great for my guys to have a go too.

Butterfly 4 pics

As we already had some origami paper (ironically too small for any actual origami), it worked brilliantly for these. The video on the Red Ted Art site suggests that it doesn’t matter whether you glue the upper and lower pieces together, but we glued ours as it helped them hold their shape.  We also used sandwich bag ties rather than the wire, as well as folded, rather than cut the corners (as our paper had different colours on each side).

I then stuck some white cotton into one wing on each butterfly and suspended them from some branches that we got from our garden, hung from our banister with white ribbon.

Butterfly pic vertical

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