Make your own jet pack

These jet packs were easy and quick to make.  They were also easy enough for the boys to do without too much help (whilst they don’t mind putting me to work, the initial plan is to do stuff together… although doesn’t always end up that way, as my blog on space helmets describes!).

You can make them as follows:

  • Cover 2 litre bottles of water in tissue paper or tin foil
  • Cut a rectangular piece of thick card which is no wider than your child’s shoulders (this will form the base of the jet pack)
  • Put two holes in each side of the card
  • Thread string / elastic through the holes on each side, making sure it is the right size for your child to be able to take it on and off
  • Stick the bottles to the card (we did this with double-sided sticky tape)
  • Add decorations (flames, lightning bolts etc.)
  • Cover the neck of the bottle in tin foil / card (to give a tidier finish)
  • Stick red/orange/yellow tissue paper in the necks of the bottles (for the fire)

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