Easter Party & Alternative Egg Hunt…

As Easter is hopping towards us, I thought I’d share some party ideas that we’ve done over the last few years.

We originally decided upon DIY Easter egg hunts as none of the community-organised ones suited our kids when they were young (too much hanging about in the cold – one year it even snowed).  It was only after inviting people round that I realised that an egg hunt would be impossible in our garden.  We’d just had all the shrubs/weeds/weird-stuff uprooted in favour of a lawn, but as it’s surrounded by a wall, it had more in common with a prison yard than a setting for hide and seek.  There was absolutely nowhere to hide anything.

They say adversity breeds creativity – and that was borne out in this case.  Knowing that the kids would expect an egg hunt, having nowhere to hide them couldn’t get in the way.  We came up with an alternative egg hunt, but before I get into all of that, here’s a few ideas for the set-up:


These hollow plastic brightly coloured eggs originally came from a pound shop.  I bought them because I thought I was going to use them for an egg and spoon race.  I liked the jolly colours.  It was only when I got home that I realised they were too light and would be more than likely to blow off the spoons.

Instead I threaded cotton thread through the tiny holes in the top and hung them in trees and from branches suspended from banisters above our hall.

I also made some large cardboard eggs out of some old boxes and decorated them to suspend in trees / from our kitchen ceiling (depending on whether it rains).  Our bare garden needed a bit of cheering up as you can see.  Admittedly, they are a bit battered now, but they’ve done pretty well over the last few years.

Easter group 1

Decorating Baskets

I used a template that I found on the internet to print out on a range of coloured card baskets.  We then asked the children to decorate their baskets when they arrived and we waited for everyone else to come.

In our old place, the kids were a bit young for arts and crafts, so I decorated some cones and pegged them onto a ribbon which then doubled-up as a decoration.

Bunny Ears

Particularly sweet when the guys were little.  These were so easy to make and I thought would get everyone in the party spirit.  We only stapled them together when the kids arrived, so we could fit them to their heads.

Easter group 1a.jpg

Our Alternative Egg Hunt

Otherwise known as find the golden eggs.  We printed pictures of golden eggs and white eggs on small white cards that we scattered upside down all over the garden (with roughly triple the number of white eggs to gold).  We then asked the children to run around the garden and collect as many golden eggs as they could find.  The winner then won a chocolate egg, everyone else had their baskets filled with smaller eggs for them to take home as party bags.

Egg Throwing

Competition to see who could throw their rubber bouncy egg the furthest.  We have also adapted this (once the children were old enough to be likely to throw over the garden wall) to see who could get their eggs into a bucket.


Filled with sweets, hung from a tree.

Easter group 2

Team Games

A fun way to split people into teams is to give the children different animal pictures and ask them to make the noise of their animal character and (without speaking), find the other members of their team.  Just don’t do what I did and end up having only one person as a particular animal.  Not sure how that happened, the poor girl was so confused…

  • Egg and spoon relay race. I bought rubber bouncy eggs from the internet & split the group into teams.  Each team had to complete a relay – to run with their egg on their spoon across the garden and back, around our home-made bollards.
  • Obstacle Race. A relay, where each child has to balance a small bean bag on their head, jump over a series of bollards (Tesco baby wipe boxes wrapped in Lego wrapping paper) and go through a hoop.
  • Sack Race. Again as a relay.  Again, total carnage – but seemed to add to the fun that none of them seemed to be able to keep upright for long…
  • Three-legged race. To be honest, this was carnage, but the kids loved it.  They fell all over the shop (a bit like in the sack race)

Easter group 3


Last year I found this really cool image of an egg on the internet and as our egg-hunt format was established from previous years, I thought I’d play on the fact that it’s about finding the right cards, rather than eggs themselves….

invite 2

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