DIY Superhero Party

We decided to hold the ‘Superhero Games’, where would-be superheroes were invited to come, (fancy-dressed, ready for action) to test their skill, strength, speed and stealth.  All the activities were a superhero-spin on traditional party games.  Whilst we didn’t get round to doing them all, I thought I’d share the ideas we had:

Individual Games:

  • Superhero style – Black Lace’s ‘Superman’ is a corker as a soundtrack for asking the children to show their best superhero moves
  • Musical islands, superhero-style. I just printed superhero pictures out and stuck them onto brightly coloured A5 cards, then removed cards when the music stopped and children were ‘out’

superhero 2

  • Kryptonite hot potato – I put green finger lights in white balloons and blew them up to create small, glowing balls. The game then worked like a reverse-version of pass the parcel.  Superheroes who were holding the balls when the music stopped were ‘out’ until we whittled it down to the winner!

Team Games:

I made the following bollards by covering cardboard boxes in paper, with pictures to keep with the theme:

superhero 3

  • Villain attack – a game of skill, where superheroes have to throw bean bags over the bollards of the baddies into buckets

superhero 4

  • Bean bag attack – we then removed the buckets and lined the bollards up to ask the superheroes to see if they could knock them over with their mini bean bags

superhero 5b.jpg

  • Strongman challenge – superheroes test their strength whilst weaving around bollards of the baddies. This was done in teams, where each team was given a number of empty cardboard boxes which had pictures of heavy weights on them.  They then needed to weave in and out of the bollards, to the end of the line and then pass the weights on to the next member of their team without dropping them.  The process continued as a relay, until the first team completed the whole challenge.

superhero 6a

  • Speed – What’s the time bat man? A superhero-take on ‘what’s the time Mr. wolf?’
  • Speed – Superman Tag. Basically British Bulldogs.  Children have to run from one side of the room to the other and try not to get caught by the ‘catcher’ in the middle.  When they are caught, then they join the ‘catching team’ and have to try and catch others as they run across the room and back.
  • Limbo – All kids seem to love this, they don’t stick to the rules mind you, as you can see, they just crawl or roll-under, but it’s all fun for them.

superhero 7b.jpg

I hope you like some of these ideas and that you have a fun time if you are hosting a similar party.  Things never go according to plan, but the more noise, chaos and laughs the better, as long as the kids have fun!

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