Make your own Superhero Outfits

A couple of years ago my kids were asked to ‘dress their teddy’ up for a charity fundraiser at school.  Superheroes seemed like the natural choice for my guys, especially as I remembered a simple, but cool home-made outfit that my nephew once had.  I decided that if I was buying material anyway, I may as well buy a bit more and make them matching outfits too.

I bought over-sized vests for the guys so that they could fit their outfits on top of their clothes, attached some silver material to the back for a cape (chopped with pinking shears to minimise the need for sewing).  Then I did the smaller outfits (with old baby vests) for their bears for the fundraiser:


The home-made outfit gets a surprising amount of use, given that it competes with shop-bought superhero outfits on the dressing-up rail.  Only my eldest’s one fits now, but it’s commandeered it to create home-concocted crazy characters – and I’ve since made silver cuffs for around each wrist to give it a bit more pzazz.


More recently we gave my youngest son a Seedling Make you Own Superhero Cape ( for his birthday.  It was quite expensive and difficult for him to do by himself – but it was a lovely kit, containing everything you need to create something special (glitter glue, material and a good quality cape to decorate).  Once he had commandeered us as his ‘doers’, he was chuffed to design his cape to wear for his Superhero-themed party.

superhero cape 3.jpg

2 thoughts on “Make your own Superhero Outfits

  1. This takes me back a couple of years to the time when our younger daughters wore costumes all the time. For a couple of summers they were either Peter Pan, Jessie (from Toy Story), or variations on Supergirl. It goes by SO fast…


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