Polymer Clay: rekindling the love for FIMO!

Do you remember FIMO?  Well I think it was just a brand name for Polymer clay.  My youngest got some for his birthday and it’s brilliant.  The best thing about it is that it doesn’t go into that horrible grey murky colour when all the colours inevitably get mixed together by little hands (as Play-Doh does).

We’ve previously had a go at modelling with traditional grey clay before (which also requires baking and then painting afterwards), but I much prefer the Polymer clay with its bright colours.

As each colour is retained, you can combine the colours to make pretty multi-coloured beads and bowls (and anything else your skills enable you to, beads and a bowl were all we could cope with and they were done in two separate sessions).

My guys enjoyed making the beads, even though you’d think boys would think it was all a bit girly, they liked being able to make something that was within their (and my!) ability. We used cocktail sticks to create the holes in the centre of the beads and then used left-over bits of ribbon and string to thread them together.  As the clay is quite tough, it is difficult to mould, so I’d say children under 5 may find it pretty tricky to manipulate.

The bowl shown in the photo was a group-effort (hence why it has a random colour combination).  We all made the clay ‘worms’ in our favourite colours, then realised we’d need to group together to make a reasonable-sized pot (the plan was to make something to store Lego men).  I’d initially thought about making a lid, but this took enough effort as it was…

After moulding it, you just bung it in the oven to bake for about 40mins, then it is pretty hard.  Happy sculpting!

2 thoughts on “Polymer Clay: rekindling the love for FIMO!

  1. I LOVED Fimo as a youngster. I made badges, hair clips, earrings etc. I even started my own ‘business’ and sold some before I realised that the cost of purchasing Fimo was more than my turnover! Good effort!

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