How Father Christmas introduced Elvis…

Tomorrow is C-day -24.

I don’t know how long my youngest can contain his excitement.  I’m really hoping the Christmas Countdown Challenges (plus obligatory chocolates) in his advent calendar, alongside the antics of our stealth-elf will keep him distracted during the long wait. However, I am realistic.  I am bracing myself for the daily question “when is it Christmas?”, which I know will become quite wearing after about four days.  It’s a ‘marathon not a sprint’ and all that…

In preparation for this countdown-frenzy, we now have a (slightly officious) letter from Father Christmas to introduce Elvis, our new resident Elf (See here for more).  I’m also armed with an encyclopedic list of other people’s Elf on the Shelf ideas and a few of my own.  All-in-all, I think we’re “All Shook Up” ready for action.

So, over to you Elvis, “It’s Now or Never”, let’s hope this doesn’t get “Return[ed] to Sender” and that the kids enjoy “The Wonder of You”.

Otherwise, it’ll be a “Blue Christmas” without you…  ‘Uh-huh-huh’!


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