Countdown to Christmas – with a daily Christmas challenge!

A few years ago we were given those re-usable advent calendars with little pockets.  However, I wanted to make it more than just a case of ‘getting your chops on chocs’ in the morning, so I came up with the idea of also including a Christmas challenge in the little pockets.

The challenges have changed each year to reflect the age, stage and interests of my kids.  They’ve included activities ranging from “make a Christmas card for your grandparents”; “say three things that you eat on Christmas day” (sure to get comedy responses from a three year old…); “learn a Christmas joke”; “make Christmas decorations”; “watch a Christmassy film”; “go for a walk in the dark with your torch”; “do an act of kindness”.  And the best for me: “give mummy a hug” (got to get that in!!).  I balanced the challenges out across the week so that the more time-consuming crafty ones were kept for the weekend and also for when we were likely to do things anyway (like putting the tree up).

Others from last year included:

  1. Name 3 things used to make a Christmas pudding
  2. Do 5 star jumps
  3. Go to a carol concert
  4. Name 3 words that rhyme with tree
  5. Think up the next line of this poem: “At Christmas time, the thing I like the best…”
  6. What animal pulls Santa’s sleigh?
  7. Name 3 words that rhyme with snow
  8. Sing a Christmas song
  9. Make a paper snowflake
  10. Name 5 foods that people eat at Christmas
  11. Read a Christmas book
  12. Learn the story of Christmas
  13. Make mince pies
  14. Watch a Christmassy film
  15. Make Christmas decorations
  16. Put the Christmas Tree up
  17. Go for a walk with a torch
  18. Make a card for your grandparents
  19. Learn a Christmas joke
  20. Do an act of kindness
  21. Write a letter to Santa
  22. Make some reindeer food (porridge oats and glitter in a jar)
  23. Play a game of ‘Simon Says’
  24. Dance to Christmas music



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