Countdown to Christmas – ‘Elvis on the Shelf!’

Meet Elvis, our Stealth Elf.  This is how he’s going to arrive at our Fairy Door on 1st December (as per ‘tradition’).  He’ll arrive, completely unexpected to the kids, all ready with his adoption papers and his report cards, ready to let the guys (and Santa) know how they have been getting on.  Will they be on the naughty or nice list??  So, little do they know it, but the plan is for us to adopt him and the (quite recent) ‘tradition’ that comes with it…. (How does Elf on the Shelf work?)

I’m contemplating 24 days of elf gymnastics as we manoeuvre him into some inhuman position somewhere in the house for the kids to find; or to position him doing some cheeky little trick for them to catch him out with.

I’ve also gone the full-hog and bought a little pack with additional (very believable) paperwork and ‘good list’ stickers.  Will my rabble will become angels before my very eyes during the countdown to Christmas?…  Will I be able to keep this up??…

As it’s the first time I’ve done it, I’m shamelessly going to steal some ideas from some good friends who I’ve only just found out have had a resident Elf for some time now.  I’m not sure that Elvis will live up to their shenanigans, but we’ll see.  I’ve heard it can be tricky to think of 24 things to do with him, but I love a challenge.

And anyway, I have a head-start with these ideas courtesy of them…


I’ve also been tipped off about this link: Best Elf on the Shelf Ideas so should be able to crib up on a few ideas there…

So, whilst I have no idea whether my eldest will fall for the notion that Elvis comes alive at night (…well, yes I do, he’ll be happily cynical about the prospect knowing him, but will go along with it for laughs…). I guess it doesn’t matter.  What I’m sure Elvis will bring is a breath of fresh (Elf?) air.


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