Time for a timeline? Giving context to our kids’ lives…

I’m not sure where this idea came from.  It just sort-of emerged.  I had initially done a family tree on my eldest son’s wall when he was about 3 as he was getting a bit confused as to how all his relatives were connected – who was on each side of the family and all that.

family tree and .JPG

So, maybe it was this that laid the foundation for a bit more context-setting.  This time a timeline.  Starting with the big bang, dinosaurs dying out, then charting Jesus’ birth for a bit of BC and AD distinction before going on to things which have relevance to them (when castles that they have visited were built; Guy Fawkes and when ‘Happy Birthday’ was written).

I’ve also added curious stuff that I know they either have, or will come across at some point: Mary Anning’s first discovery of dinosaur skeletons; the date our house was built; Ford’s first car; the ‘births’ of superman, Paddington bear, Peppa Pig, Lego and Heinz Ketchup; when a banana was first imported to the UK; Treasure Island’s publication date and the London Olympics.  Each event has a picture and date.

The timeline itself is just a piece of parcel ribbon stuck to the wall with the events stuck above and below.  It is going to pain me to ever take it off as/when we inevitably decide to decorate the hall/landing/stairs.

It was a joint effort to stick the pictures up.  The boys comment every now and then about how old some things are, or what order things happened in (‘was that before, or after the dinosaurs?’) – and have mentioned how weird a penny farthing looked.

The number of views is inevitably increased by its position outside the toilet and the fact that it’s at their height.  The timeline ends as it reaches my eldest son’s bedroom at the end of the corridor and conveniently to the ‘event’ that is us moving into our current house.  I’m sure we’ll continue to add to it as things crop up (Battle of Hastings, 1066 anyone?!!).

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