Build your own Marble Mayhem Mountain

I loved making this and so did the boys.  We had my eldest son’s best friend for a play date. My  eyes had previously been opened by the possibility of ‘arts and crafts’ on a play date when he returned once with a rocket made from a 2 litre bottle of pop and toilet rolls.  Majestic.

Given this heritage, I knew I needed my game-on, so I commandeered huge box (that was never going to fit in the recycling), to make a marble run with them.  I got a load of kitchen rolls to cut into half-pipes (ah yes, creating my own marble-run terms, applying ski phrases to add to the technical-talk….); then any old box to create a bit of variation.

We had a lots of balls from a Hungry Hippos Game and as my youngest basically wanted to chuck all the balls down en masse, we had flying balls everywhere during the build.  This was undoubtedly part of the draw.  The boys were ‘testing’ whilst I was manically taping any weak spots down with parcel tape.  Whilst they didn’t have the patience to be doing the cutting and sticking themselves, they loved seeing me yelp and generally leap around, armed with tape trying to seal the gaps that they were ‘helpfully finding for me’.  Hmmm…

It had more longevity than you might think.  My youngest especially liked to assume this position you see in the photo and lob all 15 balls down in quick succession.  They would invariably get stuck, fall out and so on… but he was quite hypnotised by the process.  I had to turn a bit of a blind eye when I saw him standing on a chair on one leg, reaching up to drop the balls in the chute, not holding on.  It’s a wonder it was only the balls that fell.

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