The ‘Dangling Doughnuts’ game

Harder than you think!

A less dangerous interpretation of the ‘apple bobbing’ concept.  I didn’t fancy suggesting kids put their heads into buckets of water to pick up an apple with their teeth.  This felt a little safer, although one major sugar rush!

The set up:

I used two stands from a limbo pole game to suspend a piece of string.  Each doughnut was then tied to it with parcel ribbon.

I was going to do it in the kitchen, but then realised the floor would end up being a gooey mess (which would then get trampled through the house), so we did it outside.  Only then did I spot an alternative option for suspending the doughnuts between trees or trellises – even easier!

At the party:

The rules are simple:  eat with no hands!  The ‘winner’ finishes first, but with a game like this, you can’t lose!!

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