‘What’s in the Box?’ game…

For suspense and squeals look no further!

This is an oldie, bur a goodie.  Six shoe boxes, painted black, a dark room, some green light, spooky music.  Ask them “what’s in the box?”:

  • Witches toenails?  – Pumpkin seeds; Pistachio shells
  • Eye balls in frog spawn?  – Pickled onions; Mushy peas
  • Witches hearts?  – Tinned tomatoes
  • Worms?  – Spaghetti and oil
  • Dead hand?  – Glove filled with flour
  • Elf ears?  – Dried apricots

… definitely mind over matter!   Just make sure you guard the boxes to ensure no peeking before the game begins!

No one fell for the ‘worms’… too obvious I’m afraid.  I’d suggest putting the yukky ones at the end, so that they can build up to them….

We wrote down what everyone guessed so that we could keep track of what people said. Then we did the ‘great reveal’ at the end when we opened the boxes for them to see what was really in there!

More ideas:

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