The ‘Pin the Boo on the Ghost’ game

This is pretty much a case of ‘does what it says on the tin’. Very easy, very quick and quite a good game for calming kids before trying to get them to sit down to eat!

The set-up:

I made a simple ghost shape out of white paper, stuck it on some black; wrote ‘boo’ on a speech bubble coming out of the ghost’s mouth, then made lots of different coloured speech bubbles, one for each child with white tac on the back (given my compulsion to re-use everything!).

At the party:

Put a blindfold on the child (a new discovery is a sleep mask – easier to use than a scarf!), spin the child around 3 times and ask them to ‘pin their boo on the ghost’.

As you’ll no doubt know… be warned: older kids wise up to this and by a certain age, everyone has worked out how to cheat the system, so you’ll need multiple prizes!

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