The ‘Spin the Arrow’ game

Did you ever play spin the bottle?  Well this is a tame version, replacing ‘truth or dare’ with ‘trick or treat’ – a bit more suitable for younger children!  I decided it might not go down so well if the kids went home saying they played ‘spin the bottle’ so I renamed it ‘spin the arrow’…

I first made a version of this when I realised I had some of my friend’s children coming round for a glorified playdate at Christmas time and because we do parties at other times of the year, she happened to say how much her girls were looking forward to the mini-Christmas party.  Oh.  Well.  Er… a few minutes later and I’d concocted some party games for the expectant visitors….

The basis for this is just a kitchen roll stuck to a piece of card (to stop it rolling over).  Whilst the first version of this had just one arrow, this double-ended version for this year is more fun, in that there are two ‘winners’ on each spin.  Just one of them will get the sweet though and the other gets the forfeit!

I then have two pumpkin buckets, one with folded up forfeits and the other with sweets (for ‘treats’) in.  The ‘tricks’ that I’ve come up with for 4-7 year olds include:

  • 5 star jumps
  • Tell a joke
  • Sing a song
  • Tell us something about yourself we don’t know
  • Make us laugh
  • Be tickled for a count of 10
  • Do a forward roll
  • Stand on one leg for a minute
  • Make the sound of 3 farmyard animals
  • Pat your head with one hand, while you rub your tummy with the other for 30 seconds
  • You are shipwrecked on an island inhabited by cannibals – explain to the chief why you shouldn’t be eaten
  • Walk across the room on your knees
  • Give a 1-minute talk about elephants
  • Bark like a dog whilst walking around in a circle on tip toes like a fairy
  • You are truly, madly, passionately in love with the person on your right – go down on one knee and  ask them to marry you
  • Pretend you are an Italian waiter – run through all the varieties of pizza available on your menu – there has to be an accent
  • Give everyone with blue eyes in the room a high five

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