The ‘Broomstick Racing’ game

This game sort-of invented itself.  I was looking for another game to keep the kids amused and looked in the shed for all the various bits and pieces we keep for obstacle races – then I saw the broomsticks that we made at an event last year.  They were just screaming ‘broomstick racing’ to me.  Job done.

If you don’t happen to have broomsticks on-hand, you can get the plastic fancy-dress ones very cheaply from supermarkets.  They’re only a quid or so and could be used year after year…

The set-up:

Buy or make a couple of ‘broomsticks’ .  Make a number of bollards (I use the boxes that multi-packs of baby wipes come in from Tesco’s as they’re the perfect size and easy to get hold of!).  I’ve wrapped mine in Lego brick wrapping paper for a colourful / neutral look and for re-use potential (I don’t like any effort going to waste!).  I ended up covering mine in cling-film as my grass was wet and I didn’t want them to go soggy.

At the party:

Set the bollards out in the ‘lanes’ for each team.  Either ask the children to ‘ride’ on the broomstick (i.e. run with it between their legs), or carry it to go around the bollards.  Older children can try jumping over 1 or a stack of 2 bollards.  We had 3 in each lane, but it depends on how big your garden is and race length for how many you will need.

We ran it as a relay race, with kids running to the end and back before passing their broomstick to the next person in their team until everyone had done it.  First team back wins!


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