The ‘Pumpkin Buckets’ game

A simple game with enduring appeal.  Can’t beat ‘throw a ball/bean bag into a bucket’… especially a Halloween bucket!

The set-up:

Buy some orange buckets from B&Q (they are only a couple of quid and are a party regular for us.  They work for similar games with different themes – you’ll get your money’s worth).  Cut out pumpkin faces to stick onto the buckets in black card.

At the party:

Split the children into teams.  Give the teams a number of balls, or bean bags and ask them to take turns to try and throw their balls/beanbags into the bucket.  The team who gets them all in first wins.

We put all the older children together & put their bucket a lot further away than the one for the younger ones.  We’ve done it both inside for a smaller party when the kids were younger and outside for more people and mayhem!


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