The ‘Spider Racing’ game

A super-simple and easy to set up game that is a lot of fun for kids of all ages…

The set-up:

A friend bought me these black plastic spiders and straws.  The idea with this game is for the children to blow air through their straws to speed their spiders along the floor.  The first one to the finish line wins!

It is super-cheap, super-easy and something very young kids can play.  If you can’t find spiders that would be light enough to blow easily along the floor, then it would be easy enough to cut your own spiders from black card & just use any straws – then you don’t even need to get to a shop!

At the party:

Depending on how much space and how many spiders you have, you could have a number of children in a row, blowing their spiders from the start to the finish line.  You might want to put some masking tape on the floor to mark both.


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