The ‘Pick-Up’ game

This is a very quick and easy game.  My guys loved it so much, they continued playing it even after the party had ended!

The set-up:  

Put some Halloween-themed confetti and put it on a plate between each pair of players (you could have more kids sharing a plate, but they can start knocking-heads if it is too much of a squeeze!).

At the party:

Give the players a plate or bowl each and tell them their mission is to ‘suck up’ as many skeletons, pumpkins, bats (and whatever shapes you have in your confetti) with their straws as they can and transfer them onto their plate/bowl as possible in a given time – no hands aloud!  I have used a 2 minute egg timer for this, but depending on the age of your children, you can decide how long.

To raise the stakes, you could ask for a particular number of the different types of confetti (e.g. ‘5 pumpkins, 10 bats’ etc) if you have older children to entertain alongside younger ones.


I tend to do a dry-run of the games with my guys before the party starts so I can work out how the games are going to go.  They are always up for this as they want the party to start as soon as possible!  It also means that they know the deal, so they are two less to worry about when the party is in full-swing.  I then ask them to demonstrate to the others, or help them once it’s on the go.

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