The ‘Witches Hat’ game

This is one of my favourite things that I’ve made:  quoits for Halloween!  I think I saw this done somewhere, thought it impossible to re-create, then was surprised (and happy!) with the result.  Looks great, lots of fun to play for all ages and surprisingly easy to make!

The set-up:

To make the base: You first need a ‘base’ for your game.  I just used the side of a cardboard box, covered in orange paper to add a bit of colour.  As I’m a bit OCD, I then put black electrical tape around the outside to give it a ‘finished’ look (but obviously kids won’t care about such details!).

To make the hats: Make a cone-shape out of black card (I used a party hat as a template for this) and more black circles for the base of each hat (side-plates are a good size to draw round).  I did this 5 times to create the witches hats that you see on the photo.  Alternatively, if you don’t have black card, but have time and energy, use a cereal box & paint it black.  This is more effective than you think as the card is thicker, so creates a stronger structure (I tried a bit of both with mine!).

Then attach your cones to the hat bases by man-handling it with parcel tape to secure the inside of the cone to its base circle. It needs to be pretty strong, as they get a lot of knocks and bumps with the rings being thrown at them.

To make buckles for the hats:  I then cut out rectangles, with the middle cut out in shiny card to make buckles for the hats & put a circle of yellow paper around each to add a bit of detail and colour (as well as to hide the join between the cone and the circle!).

How to raise the stakes for older kids:  You could add numbers for scoring purposes on the hats, but my guys (and me!) found it hard enough to get any hoops on hats as it was, without adding more complexity.

At the party:

Use dive rings that you can get for swimming as hoops to throw over the hats.  Give everyone 3 goes to see how many hoops they can get on hats.  I put one colour sticker on the floor for older kids and another (closer to the game) for the younger kids.


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