‘Hunt the letters’ game

Get the party going with this Halloween-themed treasure-hunt, and make a ‘Happy Halloween’ sign in the process.  Just what you need to get the party started!

The set up:

Print out some small black and white letters to spell ‘Happy Halloween’ and stick them onto larger black card squares. These are your prompts for which letters to find and where they go. Then print out the same letters (I did them in a larger size) on orange card and hide them around the wherever the party is being held.  You may want to put some double-sided sticky tape on the back of the card (or put white tac on your black and white versions if, like me, you want to re-use them).  This means that when the individual letters are found by the children, they can stick them on to build a colourful version of the sign.

At the party:

This is a great ‘starter’ game to get everyone warmed up!  When the party starts, tell the kids that “someone has stolen the letters from the ‘Happy Halloween’ sign, can you help to find them?”.  After the game is complete, the children will have created their own sign and got the party underway!  Even kids who don’t know each other all muck in and forget their shyness when they are racing around trying to find the letters.

When my guys were younger, I split the children up, with the younger ones tasked with finding the letters and the older ones at the wall, putting the letters on. If your kids are older, you could have blank black boxes for the letter prompts (depending on what your guys are like at spelling!).

However you do it, the general running around and mayhem means it’s a whole lot of fun!

Halloween sign.JPG

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