Setting the scene for Halloween

As far as my kids go, there’s no such thing as ‘October’, just ‘Halloween’.  Whilst real pumpkins look great, the inevitable mould growing around the candles freaks me out when it comes to sticking my hand in to light them. So, whilst we do usually get some real ones, having other decorations up makes me feel like less of a kill-joy when the real pumpkins have to go in the bin.

As we don’t have a lot of free ledge or wall-space, hanging decorations are the only way to go in our house.  I’ve hung some interesting-looking branches from the railings at the top of the stairs (that gnarly knotty stuff – ‘acquired’ when it grew over the fence from my next door neighbour’s garden).

I then cut out ghost shapes from white cardboard, put a face on them and tied them to the branches with white cotton thread.  I did the same with bats, pumpkins and spiders elsewhere.  The massive pumpkins are made out of cardboard from boxes, covered in orange paper, with the black and the green paper for the details.  We’ve screwed hooks into our ceiling so things can be dangled easily.  Spook-on.


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