Making memories, or finding the psychological sweet spot?

Since having kids it’s surprised me how I’ve been caught by the ‘making memories’ bug (yep, I’m a walking cliché).  However, it appears my sentimentality is a solo sport.

Recently my eldest son lost his first tooth and so I thought I’d make it a ‘magical moment’ – seemingly fitting for such an auspicious occasion.

We have a miniature fairy door attached to the skirting board on our stairs.  I first bought it because it was cute, but now realise that it also reduces the need for bomb-disposal levels of deftness when doing the tooth/coin under-pillow swap. Knowing both myself and my son, we’d both jump out of our skins if he woke up whilst I did that.

Anyway, wanting to make it a bit more than a money-grabbing exercise, I thought I’d also leave him a poem from the tooth fairy.  Just the thing I should be doing at 11pm at night I’m sure.  Anyway, I printed it off in italic, on marble-effect paper (trying to channel my inner fairy and all that).  I then put it with a pound in an organza bag outside the fairy door (feeling quite pleased with myself).

Yep, so far, so good – but you know where this is going.  In the morning, he pocketed the pound and didn’t look at the note.  So I’ve now set the expectation that each tooth will have a poem.  And even if he’s not bothered, I bet I continue to do it.  I guess I want to max-out on their childhood before their inevitable PlayStation-future – a bit like leaving a carrot out for Rudolph.

You may think I’m over-thinking this – if so, you would be undoubtedly right.  This is when the psychologist within raises its head – with another stick to beat myself up with (did I say I was a walking cliché?).

So, based on the number of teeth that are going to come out, I’m signing up for 20 poems over the next 6 or so years (and that assumes I can re-use for son 2… or is that a ‘hand-me-down’ to far?).  But I’ve only found 6 on the internet, so I’ve got a bit of a shortfall.  It’s also just occurred to me that I’ve got a fairly small range of possible rhymes to work with: ‘fairy/hairy/scary’ and ‘tooth/roof/youth’.  How about: “A scary, hairy fairy called Ruth came for your tooth”?….


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3 thoughts on “Making memories, or finding the psychological sweet spot?

  1. I used to receive letters from Jane the tooth fairy, who lived in our attic. She had a vast collection of teeth, having collected them from children in our village for over 50 years. She had pretty awful handwriting, and there were no rhymes, but it’s always stuck with me. My father was creating memories for me, but also for him – and I think I always knew that. But that was ok!

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