My inspiration for Wonderinalexland

So here I am, my first blog post and I feel the need to introduce (explain?) myself….

Why am I writing this?  Well, I’m not exactly sure, a friend of mine has been asking me to put my metaphorical pen to paper for a while (based solely on her bringing her lovely girls to parties at our house & then her hearing the real story behind some new creation of mine….).  Sometimes, I think there’s as much ‘laughing at’, as ‘laughing with’.  You get the gist.   The seed was sown, so here I am – dipping  my toe in the proverbial blogging-water.  Here’s hoping it is more than luke warm.

I’ve had a weird compulsion to make stuff for a little while.  I think it started from the footprint done of my 6 year old son for his first Christmas card when he was 3mths old.

I’ll be honest: I’m no artist (I think that was my friend’s point.  She said what I do is ‘achievable’. Spot the euphemism); but nor do I want to throw cash at it.  Surely a DIY job has to be free, or at least done on a shoestring.  Part of the satisfaction I get is creating something from pretty much nothing – I like big-scale stuff that I can hang from hooks on the ceiling, as it makes the biggest impact and cheers up our rather bland house.

These days it’s possible to buy most things off the internet, but I learnt my lesson about how dissatisfying (and a waste of money ) it can be when I ordered my then 1 year old son a Christmas Pudding outfit online and it turned up: nylon and just generally a bit naff.  Shocking for £20.  Those suppliers see us parents coming.  It was not only underwhelming, but also possibly going to cause some yucky sweat-induced skin aliment that I didn’t fancy dealing with later.  So, I went out and bought some material, iron-on hemming tape (for speed of attaching bits together) & pinking shears.  Whilst I like the idea of doing it myself, I don’t have a sewing machine or oodles of time.  I think I’m more about impact than effort.  I then used the nylon(plastic?)-thing as a template and a home-made outfit was born.  Although I still commandeered the ‘plastic’ bought hat for his head (I’m not a total glutton for punishment).

The outfit doesn’t fit anyone any more (both my boys have now worn it), but I’ve still kept it.  I guess it’s my way I show my kids I care (well, I can’t cook, so I guess I have to ‘offer’ them something).  In the same way, I feel the bought stuff lacks soul.  Rather how my husband (who can cook) feels about ready-made meals (whatever floats your boat).

You can make unique things yourself which hopefully add more zing and excitement to a party than pre-made decorations.  Of course, I still get stuff online to boost whatever I’m doing, but the home-made stuff makes the parties feel theirs.


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